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Vertical Solutions:
Object Web offers various products based on specific verticals. We have grown rapidly as a leading enterprise solution provider supporting organizations with strategic solutions that offer flexible usage and deployment for respective verticals such as Object Banking for Banking Industries, Manufacturing Management and Planning for Discrete Manufacturing Sectors, HMI (Human Machine Interface) for SCADA Devices.


Object Banker
Solutions are being provided to various modules and implemented in banking sectors to improve public sector banks and the performance which involves first understanding the rationale for public sector banks and how the hopes for public sector banks’ performance compare with the actual outcomes . To improve performance requires a further analysis of the interaction between the owners, the public sector bankers, and the clients. Various implementations are going on for future aspects. Object Banker addresses Saving Current Account Modules, Deposit Module, Cash Module, Bill and Clearing Module, OD&CC Module, Loan Module, Safe Deposit Locker Module, Foreign Exchange Module suitable for Small Banks, Credit and Cooperative Societies.
Manufacturing Management and Planning
Manufacturing organizations today are facing increased pressures on profitability despite using the latest technologies to optimize quality and productivity. Object Web’s manufacturing Solution streamlines the business processes across the enterprise by reducing inventory, optimizing sourcing and managing customer demand to focus primarily on optimizing production leading to higher profitability.
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Object Web's HMI is a powerful data acquisition, process monitoring and control software that lets you build and deliver HMI / SCADA and reporting solutions with minimal efforts. It is designed to provide data visualization suitable for Infrastructure operations, as well as to generate data and analysis reports that help process managers take informed and timely decisions.

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