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Quality Policy:
Our Quality Process is focused to “Add Value to our Customer needs on a repeated re-evaluation of our internal process; with commitment to the needs of the customers and ensuring them that we out-reach their expectations in delivering their needs, foreseeing their concerns”.

In process of achieving the customer needs, we support them with the end-to-end solutions supporting all the stages of SDLC, recommending strategies, solutions and taking responsibility of total delivery of the application which may be new implementations, or upgrading or integration of other products with new process.
Human Resources:
We also believe in the system that says quality of the company also depends on the quality of their Human Resources who deliver your services. When you choose Object web, you will experience a level of performance unparalleled in the industry. This is because of our team strength. We value the importance of each team member. We want them to be looked upon as one of your own. In addition, a team of experts who expand the expertise applied to your project backs each Object web employee. This guarantees more value for your money. Furthermore, our employees are motivated not only to do excellent work, but also to express ideas, no matter how unconventional.
We have extremely talented individuals whose skills we have harnessed to make an organization that is simply amazing. This translates into confidence, which to you means GUARANTEED SATISFACTION.

We strive to achieve all the above by
  • Empowering our Employees.
  • Recognizing and appreciating each individual achievement - both small & big.
  • Building a relationship with each employee both on the professional and personal levels.
  • By constantly monitoring and counseling.
  • Educating and upgrading them regularly with latest technologies.
Our Professionals with Skill levels like System Architects, Project Manager, Team Leaders, System Analyst, Database Administrators, Programmers, with experience ranging from 2 to 20 years of IT and have average project experience of 5 years with qualifications such as Engineers, MCA & Graduates in Science and Commerce. We have a team of 40 full time employees on our payroll and about 50 of our employees working with various clients as consultants in various fields and the whole team is complemented by a pool of 85 Subject Matters Experts (SME) as retainers whose expertise lies in the fields of Finance, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Education, HR, Transportation, Trade & Logistics, Taxes and Customs Procedures, Insurances, Retail, Government Operations, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Marketing, Communications, Automobiles, GIS/GPS, Entertainment, Multimedia, Quality, Business Process Reorganizations (BPR), Six Sigma, Currency and Commodity Trading, Agriculture management, Water Management, Security Services, Public Relations, Project Management, Statistical and Financial Analysts, Clinical Research and Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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