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Horizontal Solutions:
Object Web offers enterprise products that are Generic and comprehensive Horizontal for various tasks of the establishments. We have grown rapidly as a leading enterprise solution provider supporting organizations Strategic Business Products includes Inventory Management, Payroll Management.
Inventory Management:
Solutions are being provided for inventory management by keeping accurate records of finished goods that are ready for shipment. This often means posting the production of newly completed goods to the inventory totals as well as subtracting the most recent shipments of finished goods to buyers. When the company has a return policy in place, there is usually a sub-category contained in the finished goods inventory to account for any returned goods that are reclassified as refurbished or second grade quality. Accurately maintaining figures on the finished goods inventory makes it possible to quickly convey information to sales personnel as to what is available and ready for shipment at any given time.
In addition to maintaining control of the volume and movement of various inventories, inventory management also makes it possible to prepare accurate records that are used for accessing any taxes due on each inventory type. Without precise data regarding unit volumes within each phase of the overall operation, the company cannot accurately calculate the tax amounts. This could lead to underpaying the taxes due and possibly incurring stiff penalties in the event of an independent audit.
The solutions for key applications includes:
  • Asset tracking (RFID, Barcode, etc.)
  • Warehouse operations
  • Healthcare
  • Rugged deployments
  • Mobile computing
  • Point of sale / service
  • Access control
  • Video security
Payroll Management:
Object Web is a desirable & easy to use Payroll software for small & medium enterprise. This payroll management software simplifies payroll processing efficiency by performing the complex payroll functions.Object Web features has been made more useful & simple based on customer feedbacks and professional experts.
With Object Web, our clients has managed to simplify the Payroll process and has done to manage payroll processing for more than 15,000 employees for some clients. Object Web is a result of our teams understanding, years of experience and hard-work.
Object Web is designed as long-term solution to your changing business needs. It is suitable for anything from one to many thousands of active employees and adapts easily to fluctuations in staffing levels. Payroll Management is an integrated Payroll Software designed and developed by Object Web.

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