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Embedded Service:
The field of Embedded Systems is growing rapidly with its innovative applications in Communications, Internet appliances, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Applications, Industrial Automation, Process Control and so on. We at Object Web have taken another leap in entering into Embedded Systems design and Development for corporate sector. At Object Web we leverage our vast infrastructure and resources with expertise of different embedded architectures, processors and operating systems to make a mark in the industry. We have expertise on Embedded user interfaces (Display, Keypad, Biometric Sensors, RF tags / SMART CARD/ RFID’s…), Color STN display interfaces, LED display panels and photonics, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Wireless terminal adapter, Software development based on RTOS, Protocol Conversions from one module to another, Custom Built solutions (real time multitask) based on client's tool, battery operated point of sales instruments., Modifying an existing board design to target new application domains etc.,

Our staff has a great deal of telecommunications and data communication experience, with expertise ranging from low-level drivers up through multi-layered protocols and applications. Whether you're developing a small wireless communications product or a high-bandwidth, high-availability network infrastructure component, we can help.
We have developed software for industrial control system equipment. Typically the software in these industries is "hard real time", where being off by a few microseconds can be disastrous. Usually this work is sensing/detection, device control and data collection, all of which must be executed with precise timing.
Consumer electronics require special cost, size, and speed and power considerations. These products have to be developed quickly, often incorporating the latest technology to get an edge. As in any other industry, the product has to be done right the first time. There isn't a lot of time to learn along the way, or to re-engineer the product several times before its release.
Our "real world" project experience with embedded consumer electronics means we can help you start shipping your product ahead of the competition.
Object Web has strong and innovative teams of engineering professionals with expertise in object oriented analysis, design, development & executing capabilities for embedded solutions.
We provide very innovative and cost effective convergence solutions which merge several of our strengths.
Our Expertise and Services are:
Processors and Controllers:
  • ARM
  • Microchip
  • ST
  • Intel
  • Telecommunications
  • Cellular handsets and Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Industrial Automation & Heavy Machinery
  • Power Management Units
  • Energy Meters
  • Price and delivery schedule (for prototypes and volumes)
  • Product Specification (in consultation with customer)
  • Access to design review meetings
  • A prototype - for customer to evaluate
  • The final version - for customer to evaluate
  • User manual/technical documentation
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Volume product delivery
  • Finally - product support
Automotive & Control Systems:
  • GSM/GPRS Modems
  • GSM Based Applications
  • GSM Based M2M Applications
  • GPS: Location Based Application
  • GPS: Vehicle diagnostics package
  • GPS based proximity detector/locator
  • GPS based Timing Synchronizers
Portable and consumer Electronics:
  • Embedded User Interfaces (Display, Keypads, Audio)
  • Graphical LCD Displays
  • Color/Monochrome STN display interfaces with Touch Screens
  • LED display Panels & Lighting
  • POS terminals
  • Power Supply Adapters & SMPS
  • Wireless Terminal Adapter
  • RFID's (Corporate Attendance System)
  • Keypad and LCD drivers for Low-Power consumer devices
  • VOIP
  • Ballasts – CFL, TFL, Ultraviolet, Halogen,

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